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Use This To Win Over Decision Makers (boosters, athletic directors, sport coaches)

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How do you communicate with parents, boosters, skill coaches, and athletic departments? Have you finally realized they don’t care nearly as much as you when it comes to details of performance programs?

When given the opportunity to verbalize your program and why it deserves a second look, what concise explanation are you giving that completely paints a picture?

If you’re like me you’ve struggled with this and maybe even lost some opportunities to train teams (I have, more than once). Once I finally realized people want the Readers Digest version, I forced myself to create a concept that people outside the industry could understand. Enter the Perfect Athlete Pyramid.

What the Perfect Athlete Pyramid does is highlight all the main goals of your program, validate why you’re needed, and hits the right nerves to nudge them to make a decision. All this is done without confusing or intimidating the prospect… something that’s very important if you want to get more athletes. The minute a prospect feels intimidated or overwhelmed – their gone. Worse yet… they’ll have to ‘think about it’.

Here are three resources. The first video explains how to use the Perfect Athlete Pyramid in your favor. The second video shows a real world example of how to present the Perfect Athlete Pyramid. This is a presentation to a local high school girls basketball booster association (that’s made me $8,000). Also included is a PDF document that you can print out, change, manipulate, and ultimately make your own.

Do us all a favor and make this easy for everyone.


VIDEO 2: Perfect Athlete Pyramid In Action

PDF: Print This Out and Use It. Period.

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