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Speed Sells: Alternative Exercise for Powerful Hamstrings

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If you’re talking to sport coaches and parents, you gotta be able to communicate what speed is, and what it’s not. Check out this video where I talk about using a very simple but different exercise variation for speedy hamstrings. Here’s a quick list why sport coaches will love it:

1. Requires little equipment

2. Can be taught quickly

3. Takes minimal space

4. Provides variety

5. Great for strength/speed development.

6. Performed single or double leg

7. Good for beginners or experienced lifters

8. Safe while extremely effective

It’s important not to confuse variety with fancy. High school athletes aren’t auditioning to be the next Jo-Jo The Circus Freak. There is obviously a learning curve to any new exercise, and not everyone will be pros right off the bat, but if more than half your athletes are having trouble, drop the exercise. This is the main reason why you won’t see FOCUS athletes spending weeks perfecting Olympic lifts… but that’s a story for another day…

Abide by this simple rule that one of my mentors taught me back in 2001 and you’re be all set:

“If the athlete can mess it up, don’t do it.”


2 Responses to “Speed Sells: Alternative Exercise for Powerful Hamstrings”
  1. Taft Draper says:

    Hi Ryan, awesome video!!! I like the bands for doing deadlifts and was wondering if you ever do them using both the bands and barbells? Is it mostly a safety issue using the bands? And where do you get your bands from?
    Thanks a bunch,

  2. rrizor says:

    Hey Taft – glad you liked the video. I’ve use BB’s and bands in several combinations. The video is simply showing a variation of the deadlift using bands only. When used correctly bands provide overspeed-ecentrics (aka faster than gravity with resistance). Not really showing that here but that’s the goal when used optimally.

    As far as safety, any movement can be dangerous regardless of the external resistance. Your keys are the ability to get into position and the coaching cues involved. That’s why I firmly believe you should only be coaching movements you personally are proficient. When you can speak how it feels to squat loads to parallel or pull from the floor you’re coaching cues resonate more.. and sound less like I-am-copying-this-from-someone-else’s-program-and-this-is exactly-how-they-said-to-coach-the-movement.

    The bands in the video are from Dick Hartzell from Jump Stretch. There on tons of other companies selling bands but don’t skimp on price. Over the years I’ve tried several vendors and there is a huge difference in elasticity and durability.

    Hope the helps

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