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Seriously… Quit Making It So Hard On Yourself

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Why do aspiring strength, speed, and conditioning coaches continue to struggle getting more athletes?

Is it because of their mindset? Skills? Thought process? Approach (or lack there of)?

Without a doubt it’s a combination of all this, plus a ton of other misguided mumbo-jumbo stuck in their head.

Here’s my theory. It’s somewhat unique, but hinges mostly on common sense:

People get into training athletes because of the greater good feeling. The divine interest in theories and application. The fascination with sets/reps and the latest speed training techniques. The belief that their program solves all problems and gives athletes what’s ‘right’. The nigh-eve confidence as long as they put together solid training programs, sport coaches, parents, and athletes will knock down the door.

Let’s take it even deeper. Let’s talk about passion. These aspiring performance coaches are some of the most passionate people on the planet. Work ethic? Whew.. they’ll tear through text books, trade journals, internet searches, and watch hour after hour of training videos. They’ll call up any strength coach for advice on conditioning drills.

Yet these same coaches are almost always bitter when it comes to actually getting more athletes into their programs. Their tone is resentful, disgusted and pissed.

In their eyes:

- The local high school football coach is a jackass because he’s done the same thing the last 23 years

- The club volleyball team trains completely wrong

- The baseball association never called back after you put on a free demo workout

- Athletic directors act like what the pharmaceutical industry calls ‘no-see doctors’

- When you do talk to sport coaches, they’re always looking for the easiest way of doing things

- The local small college is using P90X for girls soccer preseason training

- Athletes are lazier these days

- Parents are crazy and just don’t get it

- Kids who do actually train would rather go to the local franchise gym

- This profession is a dead end road

- Etc, etc, etc…

What’s worse is when a couple of these aspiring performance coaches get together. Relationships are built by mutually agreeing the other guy across town is a total moron. Conversations start with “you’ll never guess what so-and-so did again” or “can you believe they actually”.

One minute they’re talking a thousand miles an hour because of a new hip-turn agility drill they learned. In the next breath they’re appalled athletes are driving across town to train with someone else. And that person is always ‘less qualified’ or ‘just doesn’t know what they’re doing’. (Most times the ‘less qualified’ program is mysteriously busier than they are.)

This suck-ass attitude is very real for me. I lived it for years. Spending countless, and I mean countless time learning about strength and conditioning. Making excuses why I didn’t have very many athletes, but proclaiming the few I had were the best around.

The Olympics, four Division I sports, professionals, and a major corporate health system… I’ve coached at them all. And made almost NO money along the way.

It wasn’t until I decided to start my own business, FOCUS Human Performance, back in 2004 when reality truly set in. I knew I was going to have to change my approach in order to get access to more athletes, and get them in my programs. The biggest shift was giving up the salary mindset, and fully embracing the world of ‘fee-for-service’.

I mean how many performance coaches do you know or completely understand they’re offering a ‘fee for service’? You realize that’s what it is – right? Unless your getting paid a salary and on staff at the collegiate level, the pros, or clinical practice, you’re offering a fee for service. Even if you work for a private training facility, YMCA, or fitness center, money is exchanging hands.

When this is the case, you gotta look at getting more athletes like this:

1. You have a service.

2. They have a need.

3. You sell your services to fit THEIR needs.

It’s really that simple when you break it down. You sell what they want. They buy.

So many performance coaches constantly struggle with this reality. To the point they’re forced to quit the profession, jump from job to job, or switch to fitness bootcamps before ever getting started.

If you’re one of these performance coaches, let me tell you you’re making the process of getting more athletes way harder than it needs to be. Seriously. Just like anything in life, it starts with your mindset. Get you mind right and the chips will fall.

After you’ve flowing with crazy self confidence, here’s what you do:

1. Be confident in your program/service. So many times new performance coaches struggle because they’re not confident or completely sure their program is any good. They’re always searching for ‘a better way’ to do something. Know that you’ll always have room for improvement, but at some point it’s time to run with what you got. (On the flip side, don’t be an overconfident ass hole either… especially if you’ve only been coaching a couple years. These jokers ruin it for everybody.)

2. Have an identified training system. This might be the biggest component too many performance coaches leave out. You have to have something identified, on paper, that’s considered a training system. This serves as the blueprint or basis that all your training programs stem from.

Without a system, you’re creating everything from scratch every time a new opportunity is presented. Without something on paper you look like a total newbie shooting from the hip. This is a complete turn off to sport coaches and parents. Would you pay someone to fix your car who couldn’t show you any of the tools they use?

Don’t confuse an identified training system as a complex 40 page scientific manual. Think clear, concise, and relevant. The system I use, The FOCUS System, is made up of eight components. Each component had three easily understandable bullet points. The whole thing fits on one sheet of paper.

3. Change your approach. If you’re struggling to get more athletes, maybe it’s time to change your approach (duh!). Change the phone calls you’re making, the way you talk to sport coaches, information you provide to parents, places you visit, and/or program expectations.

Maybe you shift from bringing athletes into your facilities and make more effort to train on location. Are you offering free demo workouts? If you are, do they work? If you feel like you’re chasing your tail, stop. Figure out who you want to work with, and head that direction full force.

If you constantly hear the same excuses why someone can’t work with you, work specifically to overcome those objections. Learn to say ‘no’ to situations that don’t fit your big picture. Know what questions are coming, and have the answers before they’re asked.

After being in the strength, speed, and conditioning industry the last 11 years, and working with over 20 high schools, I can tell you flat out I’ve made every bone head mistake a person can make. Looking back at the opportunities I’ve dropped makes me sick. Disgusted. And more than anything – embarrassed.

Don’t make the same mistakes, OK? Let me show you how to identify and understand your training program, develop an identified training system, and most importantly change your approach. Take it from somebody who’s walked in your shoes and lives in the same trenches.

I put up a couple free videos that will get the process started – and get you more athletes. In the videos, I’ll teach you one quick and easy way to change your approach that will have sport coaches listening and taking a second look at your programs. Once you watch the videos I guarantee your wheels will start to turn. I bet you already created some of the examples I talk about, but don’t present them like this. Imagine if you could take what you already know, make one small change, and start the process of getting more athletes.

To get the free videos –>>CLICK HERE <<–

The best part? We’re just scratching the surface. We’re taking the first steps to get you more athletes. Once you start putting this information into practice, you’ll see the results. No jedi-mind tricks. No sleazy slight of hand techniques. Just pure straightforward techniques that have been tested on the same type of people you face daily.

Jump over to this page, and start making it happen –>> –>>CLICK HERE <<–

Hope this helps..

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