Sunday, January 21, 2018

Plate Flip Clean Total Body Exercise

apollo-bumper-plates-broken-1The Plate Flip Clean is a very simple yet effective total body exercise. All you need is a weight plate (we prefer olympic bumpers) that fit’s your performance level. Don’t be afraid to hold some weight.. the more the load the more recruitment from the hips off the floor through the flip action.

We started using the Plate Flip Clean at the end of our football workouts but it’s gravitated to all our athletes. In the video you’ll see an Executive Athlete (me) demo technique, a tennis player go for reps, a freshman football player push the weight, and a junior football player thats had enough.

We’ve experimented with two set and rep schemes: one rep dominant and one with targets. They look like this:

A. 2 sets x AMAP (as many as possible) ** Rest as needed between sets

B. 2×50 ** 60 second blow between sets

Love or our hate it… let’s hear your comments below.

Plate Flip Clean = Your Ticket For Improved Conditioning

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