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Q&A: How Should I Track My Athlete’s Progress?

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Kevin Nichols, Sports Performance Coach, Prime Academy, Tucson Arizona

Kevin Nichols, a sports performance coach from Tucson Arizona, owns a company called Prime Academy. He wanted some insight on different ways to track athlete’s progress and how to implement into his sessions.

Many opinions exist when it comes to tracking athlete progress. Some prefer to have everything wrote down, documented, and filed. Others program workouts in advance but display them on a large grease board for athletes to follow. Unfortunately, we still see coaches who don’t have anything identified and ‘wing it’ when the sessions starts.Grease Board

I use a mixture off written workouts and grease boards. I love the data and motivation individual folders provide but sometimes feel they can distract from the training session. After a heavy set of rack lockouts, the last thing I want to do is grap a pencil and try to write numbers down when my hands are shaking and my teammate is getting under the bar.

 Grease boards are great when training teams of athletes that are doing the same workout. It gives a visual reference point and helps lead the flow through movements. Once athletes know your system and workout descriptions they can take initiative and ownership of their session. This also helps you coach the room much easier because you don’t have to stop everybody and bring them together to explain the next lift.

 Take a look at the video below. I explain the exact way to use individual workout folders and grease boards plus give step-by-step examples of how we integrate both in our system. I also touch on why PR boards (personal record) isn’t the best idea. This is pretty thourough so be sure to watch the entire video.

Love to hear your comment below.

Tracking athlete progress is easy. Watch to see how / why.


3 Responses to “Q&A: How Should I Track My Athlete’s Progress?”
  1. Kevin Nichols says:

    Hey Ryan,

    thanks for the video. I like the idea of only giving folders to athletes who have made the full commient and are training consistently. I think that motivates the athletes who are going off the grease board to make a larger committment to their training. I can see how the PR board system doesn’t tell the whole story and I think setting short term and long term goals within the athlete folders makes more sense. Once again Ryan you are the MAN! Thanks for sharing all your expertise.

  2. rrizor says:

    Thanks for submitting your questions! Glad you got something out of the post. I’ll be contacting you with an un-announced bonus for being selected and featured in The Q&A With The Coach’s Coach. Let me know what else I can do to help!

  3. Kevin Nichols says:

    Hey Ryan,

    I’m about to begin working with HS female golf team of 6 players on their site. It is a 6 week program 2 x week. They would like to continue during summer if the 6 Weeks goes well. Would you give each of these girls a folder/binder or would you wait until they’ve committed to a longer program?

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