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Q&A: How Do I Get Started Training High School Athletes?

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Andrea Hayden, Personal Trainer, St. Louis MO

More and more people are trying to get started training high school athletes. Many trainers hit their stride around year 2 in the personal training industry. That’s when most understand what it’s like to work in mainstream fitness: long hours, little pay, and playing by someone else’s rules. More often than not, this is the time when trainers seek out additional opportunites, or stay where they are bitching and complaining about how bad it sucks.


This edition of ‘Q&A With The Coach’s Coach’ comes from a girl in St. Louis named Andrea. She works for an upscale club and actually likes what she does. The problem is she works with adult populations and her passion is with youth. Being an athlete herself, she’s interested in working with high school athletes.

After reading her emails I know this girl is pointed in the right direction and will take action… when, I’m not sure. Check out these videos that directly respond to Andrea, her situation, and what she needs to do in order to embark into the world of developmental youth athletics.

Video 1: Two Questions You Gotta Ask Yourself Before Getting Started

Video 2: This Needs To Be The Backbone of Your Business and Program

Video 3: Do This And You’re On Your Way


One Response to “Q&A: How Do I Get Started Training High School Athletes?”
  1. mark says:

    I have tried to get your video on how to get in touch with coaches a few times and have not heard a response. Can you send me the video on how to contact coaches. I am running a summer high school hockey boot camp both on ice and off ice. It starts in 2 weeks and have not been successful in martketing the program. Thanks Mark Bayers.

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