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4 Hip Mobility Exercises Using Bungee Cords

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Sports coaches often lump ‘tight hips’ into an catch all answer for everything:

If they can’t backpedal.. they have tight hips.

Unable to defensive slide in basketball.. they have tight hips.

To slow.. they have tight hips.

Although there might be some truth in there, the bigger problem lies in how tight hips are corrected. Most athletes are told to ‘stretch’ or ‘get more flexible’ but not given proper guidance to get better. In this video I give you four lower body mobility drills using a couple bungee cords. Super easy to set-up, teach, and see results. I explain the four exercises, why we use them, when to do them in your workout, how to set up the bungee cords, and show actual athletes in action.


1. 45 (Boxer) Weave

2. Straight Leg Stomp

3. Hurdle Step Over

4. Reactive Jump Back Jump


Use these four movements after your Dynamic Warm-Up but before any Sport Speed / Quickness training. Best used on lower or total body training days as these drills directly impact the entire hip girdle. We’ve even used them as prep movements as supersets during build ups on box squats and deadlifts (before work sets).


2×3 each side (minimal)

For reactive jumps, hit at least 3


4 Exercises for Better Hip Mobility


3 Responses to “4 Hip Mobility Exercises Using Bungee Cords”
  1. Ron says:

    Hey Ryan
    Have you ever thought of saling dvd’s with your material/workouts/programs???
    ….or do you already have some for sale?

    Great stuff man.

  2. rrizor says:


    I have several training videos in the works. Most of the people I work with are coaching clients who are newbie performance coaches looking to get started in the sports performance field and work with high school athletes. If this is something you’re interested in let me know and we’ll get started.

    Thanks for the comment! Let me know what else you want to see.


  3. Calvin says:

    Where can I purchase bungee cords?

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