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Forming Dynamic Warm-Up Lines

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800px-WM06_ASA-UKR_Warm_UpHopefully by now you’re designing programs that involve an ‘active’ or ‘dynamic’ warm-up vs. more traditional ‘bend over and touch your knees’ static stretches. I want to barf every time I see a team jog a lap or make a circle and mindlessly stretch before activity. This doesn’t mean static stretches don’t have their place in your warm up, just that dynamic stretching benefits the athlete more when preparing for practice/workouts.

Many studies have shown that doing dynamic (stimulating/excitable) movements prior to training, practice, and games lend well to increased performance. Research aside, do your own study – try it for yourself. I promise kids will have a bounce in their step and attack the first drill with much more enthusiasm. You can honestly see a difference all the way down to the alertness of their eyes and the speed of their talk .

Coaches sometimes struggle with changing to this type of warm-up. They see opposing teams doing different exercsies across the field before games. They read and believe it’s beneficial, but they’re confused on how to set it up. This video will explain the first steps on setting up a dynamic warm up minimizing distractions and getting in quality work. All it takes is common sense and understanding what you’re trying to accomplish.

VIDEO: This Is Easy But You’ll Want To Take Some Notes

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